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Time Management 

MYLegacy Loans

MYLegacy Loans is a flexible, powerful loan portfolio management application that tracks, reports and simplifies the servicing and management of loans and mortgages. It is suitable for use with loan portfolios of all sizes, is user friendly, simple to learn and use and interfaces seamlessly with MYLegacy accounting.

MYLegacy Loans is feature rich and gives you the ability to perform functions such as loan rescheduling, interest rate changes, interest forgiveness, interest capitalization and payment processing.

It can be used as a standalone application or as a multi-user, networked application operating across a LAN or WAN with no limit to the number simultaneous users.

With MYLegacy loans you can manage multiple loan portfolios simultaneously and each portfolio can be a different currency. Its user security system is very secure but flexible enough to allow you to assign user access rights by menu option.



  • Caters to Regular loans, mortgages, construction and vehicle loans.
  • Includes loan application processing.
  • Cashier's module for handling customer's payments.
  • Cashier's daily balance and activity reports.
  • Prints payment receipts.
  • Easy, on-line access to all loan information.
  • On-line or batch entry of payment transactions.
  • On-line entry of reversal transactions.
  • Supports multiple principal disbursements.
  • Automatic calculation of late charges for delinquent loans.
  • Loan restructuring including the capitalization of interest.
  • Earned income projections.
  • Reporting by loan portfolio
  • Detailed On-line history for current and past loans.
  • Early payoff processing
  • Form letter generation.
  • Standing order payments processing.
  • Write off loans.
  • Group payment processing.
  • Detailed breakdown of all transaction applications.
  • Capital payments.
  • Permits the entry of manual adjustments.
  • Permits the manual distribution of payments.
  • Caters to fixed or variable interest rate loans
  • maintains separate property & postal addresses.
  • Emails payoff information directly to the customer.
  • Reports may be printed to the screen, printer or PDF file.
  • Detailed loan reporting.
  • Account aging.
  • Prints statements.
  • Flexible user security.
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Payment Processing

    Loan payments may be processed in either the on-line or batch modes. Amount due calculations include interest rate changes that may have occurred during the period. Payments bay be automatically or manually applied.

    Document Tracking

    Tracks the receipt, delivery and location of loan related documents such as deeds.

    Loan Restructuring

    Capitalizes interest and allows the changing of loan terms.

    Form Letters

    Automatically generates arrears and other form letters.

    Insurance Processing

    Tracks property insurance and permits the payment and charge back of insurance premiums.


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