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Time Management 




Legacy Payroll is a cost effective payroll software application that is powerful, flexible and reliable, and handles an unlimited number of employees while working either as a standalone or multi-user networked application. Its flexibility and scalability makes it suitable for use by businesses of any type and size and the same application will cater to your company's needs through all phases of its growth. Legacy Payroll contains the tax structures for most Caribbean countries and can be configured for use in other countries outside of the Caribbean.

Legacy Payroll is feature rich and includes document management, asset tracking, vacation accrual and leave tracking. It interfaces with our Time and Attendance systems to reduce the time taken to enter and correct employee work times, and contains the interfaces for several banks, AccPac, Adagio and Legacy general ledgers and some tax collection agencies. Customization services are available to cater to your specific needs.



MYLegacy Accounting is a fully integrated, full-featured, multi-user accounting system that is suitable for use by companies of all sizes and types. It consists of General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory/Purchasing,Order Entry and Administration modules seamlessly integrated, which together provide a powerful solution that delivers the control and reporting that you need.

Loan Portfolio Management

MYLegacy Loans is a complete loan servicing solution that is capable of managing loan portfolios consisting a few loans to portfolios having thousands of loans. MYLegacy Loans caters to regular loans, mortgages, construction loans and vehicle loans. It includes application processing and tracking, document management and a separate cashier's point of sale module.

Fixed Deposits  Portfolio Management

MYLegacy Deposits is a versatile customer deposits management application that calculates and applies interest and tracks and reports on all customer deposits. MYLegacy Deposits is very easy to learn and use and can be integrated with MYLegacy Accounting or used on its own.

Time & Attendance

We supply a range of time and attendance systems to suit all needs. From simple time management solutions to more advanced solutions with complex scheduling and the ability to send voice notes and employee requests from the clock.

MYLegacy Payroll reads the time card export of all systems and removes the need for this information to be manually entered . All systems work with a range of clocks with various clocking methods.  

With our time and attendance systems you can eliminate buddy punching, stop time theft, eliminate guess work and save time and money.


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