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MYLegacy Payroll

MYLegacy Payroll is a cost effective payroll software application that is powerful, flexible and reliable. It caters to an unlimited number of employees while working either as a standalone or multi-user networked application. Its flexibility and scalability makes it suitable for use by businesses of any size and will serve your business through all phases of its growth.

MYLegacy Payroll contains the tax structures for, and is used to calculate the pay of employees in  Antigua & Barbuda, Anguilla, Barbados, Bermuda, Bahamas, Belize, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Maarten, Suriname, Trinidad & Tobago, St. Vincent and the U. S. Virgin Islands. It is the perfect solution for regional companies, many of which are already using MYLegacy as their centralized payroll solution.


Electronic Funds Transfer

  • Unlimited number of earnings and deductions can be defined
  • Processes weekly,fortnightly,semi-monthly and monthly paid employees.
  • Automatically calculates income,deductions and company contributions according to your requirements.
  • User maintained tax tables.
  • Reporting by branch and department.
  • email pay slips to selected employees.
  • Calculates employee severance payment.
  • MYLegacy Payroll has built in electronic funds transfer functionality, allowing you to create export files to transfer to most major Caribbean banks. You can pay some employees from one bank and others from another, EFT files will be generated for both banks. Deductions to be remitted to third parties electronically, can be included in the employees' EFT payments file or generated in a separate file.

Leave Processing


  • Automatic accrual of vacation days earned.
  • Records and tracks leave of all types
  • Calculates sick pay based on user defined rules.
  • Calculates vacation pay.
  • Allows vacation buy back.
  • MYLegacy Payroll interfaces seamlessly with MYLegacy Accounting and does General Ledger exports for AccPac and Adagio.
  • A GL journal report is also generated complete with GL account numbers to facilitate manual posting to other GL systems.
  • Export to other GL systems can bee added on request.

Employee management

Service Charge

  • Maintains detailed information on each employee including next of kin.
  • processes and tracks employee NIS refund cheques repaid to the company.
  • Automatically deducts NIS refund amounts from taxable earnings uploaded to the tax department.
  • Instantly view an employee's pay history with full details of every prior pay.
  • Tracks bonus converted to shares.
    Quick and easy termination and reinstatement of employees.
  • Change employees' pay rates globally or in groups by a fixed amount or a percentage.
  • Automatically calculates service charge and tips based on a points system. You need only enter the pool amounts.
  • Caters to two separate tip pools.
  • Weekly service charge payments for monthly paid employees can either be paid weekly of accumulated and included in the monthly payroll run.
  • Automatically includes employees for service charge payments while they are on vacation.
  • Can automatically pay meals in cash while an employee is on vacation.
  • Provides detailed tip and service charge reports.

Special Payroll Runs

Time Clocks

  • Process special and adjustment payroll runs for commissions, bonus,back-pay, adjustments etc if required.
  • pay selected employees prior to your normal payroll run as may be required when terminating an employee prior to the regular payroll run.
  • The built in universal time clock interface permits the easy importation of the ASCII file produced by most electronic time clock systems. This allows MYLegacy Payroll to work with almost all electronic time clock systems.
  • Several rules can be defined to determine how the imported information is allocated.


Items Given to Employees

  • Numerous detailed reports and charts are available.
  • Reports can be sent to screen, printer or saved in several file formats, including Microsoftİ Word, Excel and PDF.
  • Reports can be printed for any previous payroll period at any time.
  • Issue and return functions simplifies the processes of giving and receiving items to employees.
  • At any time instantly see what items employees have in their possession.
  • Monitor how frequently employees are being issued items such as tools, boots etc.
  • Any type of item can be tracked, This includes vehicles, keys, swipe cards.

Employee And Third Party Payments

Time Card Entry

  • Easily distribute an employee's pay to multiple banks.
  • Pays employees by cheque, cash, bank lodgment or electronic transfer.
  • Automatically processes deductions or contribution payments to third partied.
  • Prints detailed remittance lists for third parties
  • Automatically enters standard work hours for employees.
  • The manual time entry process is quick and easy.
  • You can import all or some time card information from external files.
  • You can import earnings such as commissions and bonuses from external files.
  • Groups of employees can be selected by branch and department for time entry.
  • After payroll calculation time card entries can be corrected and pay recalculated as many times as required prior to posting.

Optional Job Costing

Optional Loan and Remittance Management

  • Imports detailed punch information from time clocks.
  • Automatically determines overtime, meal allowances, pay differentials etc.
  • Calculates employee times for payroll calculation.
  • Calculates labour time and cost by job for billing.
  • See which jobs any employee worked on during the pay period.
  • Full employee loan management system, permitting the charging of interest and all the functions found in loan management software such as early payoff, write off, lumpsum payments, transaction reversals etc.
  • Manages all the amounts to be remitted to third parties. instant view of all monies being held on behalf on any employee for remittance.
  • Processes remittance payments by any payment method.
  • Handles the refunds from third parties.
  • Detailed reports of pending and paid remittances.


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