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timeQplus Product Suite

An Investment in Your Business

Control your labor costs while you save time and money on payroll preparation. This versatile suite of time and attendance systems offers a variety of options to perfectly suit your business, now and into the future

The timeQplus solution benefits your business three ways:

  • Control your labor costs:
    Studies show a properly monitored time and attendance system can reduce employee “time theft.” timeQplus Biometric, which requires employees to be physically present when clocking in or out, virtually eliminates costly “buddy-punching.”

  • Cut payroll preparation time and eliminate clerical errors:
    The timeQplus software automatically calculates hours worked and exports data to most popular payroll software and services — including MYLegacy Payroll  — virtually eliminating clerical errors and the time and money wasted finding and correcting them.

  • Help protect yourself against costly wage and hour claims:
    The law requires you to keep accurate time and attendance records. A properly installed, configured and utilized timeQplus  time and attendance system can be good protection against many types of wage and hour claims.

  • Cuts payroll preparation time and eliminates clerical errors
  • Automatically calculates hours worked and exports to most popular payroll software including MYLegacy.
  • Flexible configuration to suit your business or organization
  • Track job costing with work codes.
  • Two classes of overtime plus 7th day overtime.
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly pay periods.
  • improved! Up to 12 shifts or work groups, each with their own start/stop times and configurable shift rules.
  • Three user permission levels for enhanced security: administrator, supervisor and employee.
  • Robust reporting and management features
  • Displays hours worked and in/out status on terminal when employee clocks in or out.
  • Calculates, displays and prints a range of reports to help you proactively manage labor costs.
  • Average Hours Worked report.
  • improved! Includes an electronic In/Out board.
  • Supervisors can easily review, edit and approve time for their assigned employees at the PC.
  • Suitable for hourly and salaried employees
  • Records hours worked for overtime-eligible employees, and records sick time, vacation, holidays and other absences for exempt employees.

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